Julian's Recipe Potato Crisps, French Truffle & Sea Salt, 2.5 Oz (Case of 12)

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Alex, the creator of Terra Chips and now Julian’s Recipe Potato Crisps  got his love of food from his parents who came from Europe and brought  with them recipes you can’t always find in cookbooks. Things had to be  fresh and delicious with a little twist that made them special. This is  how Alex grew up and it was what inspired him to cook for others as chef de cuisine for restaurants, hotels and country inns in fascinating  corners of the world. Everywhere Alex travelled he collected the special touches that only the locals know. Now his son, Julian, has joyously  inherited this love of cooking and he has become Alex’s inspiration and  greatest critic. It is said that by honoring our past we shape the  future. And that’s how Julian’s Recipe was born.