Arrigoni Taleggio, 1 lb

Arrigoni Taleggio, 1 lb

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Pasteurized cow's milk.

In the Bergamo region of northern Italy, the country’s most enduring washed rind cheese was born. Taleggio, made in the valley of the same name, has a soft, creamy and extremely flavorful interior with a salty, rose-to-orange colored crust. Known for its intense aroma, Taleggio is a member of the Italian Stracchino cheeses. Though relatively new to the cheese scene (it was formally named and released in the market following World War I), this cow’s milk delight originated in the 11th and 12th centuries, as cheese makers sought to develop methods to preserving these delicate cheeses.

What makes the Arrogoni Taleggio unique is that it is still hand formed, salted and aged in Italy. Adorned with a Denominazione di Origine Protetta (D.O.P.) status, this Taleggio is washed with sea water and aged for at least 30 days to develop its assertive and tangy flavors.